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Biscuit, a 1974 Cape Dory Typhoon

Project Detail:


Mid-October through TBD

Project Scope: Hull and deck paint, structural repairs, brightwork assembly and refinishing, other tbd


Project Hours:  

2nd Round Fairing Filler for Toe and Rub Rail Fastener Holes (6-29-24)

Jun 29, 2024

In June, Massachusetts beats Florida hands down! Vacation was a welcomed respite from the heat of the South, and with every trip to New England, the wife and I grow closer to our ultimate goal of being "Summer Birds" of these days!

It was good to get back to Biscuit for the continuation of her refit, and I picked up where I had left off in the previous work session - filling the original toe and rub rail fastener holes. A first round of fairing filler (thickened epoxy) was applied in mid-June, and inevitably the material shrinks a bit as it cures, and this instance was no different. At times I will leave the fairing compound a bit proud of the surface, anticipating the shrinkage, but to reduce sanding effort and time I squeegeed the material tight to the surface. The result was another application of filler.

My first step was to water wash the amine blush from the cured epoxy resin. Amine blush, a waxy film that "settles" to the surface of cured epoxy, will contaminate the surface if it is not removed prior to additional work. The process is simple: generous application of water, scrub away with a scouring pad, and rinse and dry the surface. After removing the blush, I outfitted a random orbital sander with 80-grit discs and began to carefully remove the fairing filler, bringing the surface of the filled fastener hole fair with that of the surrounding deck and topsides.

I quick vacuum of the topsides and deck was required prior to solvent-washing the surface in prep for the second application of fairing compound. I mixed a couple pot of epoxy resign and then applied 407 low-density fairing filler to thicken it up. Again, with a squeegee, I applied the fairing compound to the fastener holes that exhibited low spots. Consultation with the owner is required for the procurement of new jib sheet tracks, and will most likely result in me filling the original jib sheet track fastener holes. With the exception of a couple planned deck and coachroof core replacements, Biscuit's decks are nearly complete and ready for primer.

Total Hrs: 5.25

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