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Milbs Mobile Projects

16) CD 27 - Completing Doryen

Mar 2, 2024

Due to the angle of the deck over the horizontal inward hull flange, I fabricated shims out of G-10 to provide a flat surface for the washers and backing nuts to land on; I also installed the coachroof thru-hull for the mast wires, finished gassing the backstay support, and the completed sanding the gelcoat-filled fastener holes where the swim ladder hung on the transom...

15) CD 27 - Installation of Deck Padeyes (Pt 2)

Feb 25, 2024

I completed the installation of the deck padeyes, reinstalled the ceiling, and further prepped for the mast wires through-hull fitting...

14) CD 27 - Installation of Deck Padeyes (Pt 1)

Feb 24, 2024

With the chainplates glassed to the hull interior, it was time to complete the project with installation of the deck padeyes...

13) CD 27 - Tabbing Backstay Knees & Mast Wires Thru-hull

Feb 19, 2024

I finalized the structure work on the backstay by tabbing the knees to the hull. I also started work on the installation of a thru-hull for allow passage of the mast wiring into the saloon,..

12) CD 27 - Glassing the Port Plate & Repairing a few voids to Stbd

Feb 17, 2024

Today's work completed the updating of the chainplate backing plates: removal of the mild steel, installation of G-10 backing plates, and tying the plates to the hull to aid in spreading rigging loads while under sail...

11) CD 27 - Glassing the STBD Plate & Installing the Backstay Knees

Feb 11, 2024

I had intended to complete both the starboard and port backing plates - glassing them to the hull - however, running out of both resin and fiberglass altered plans for the day.

10) CD 27 - Backing Plates for the Future

Feb 10, 2024

With the old, mild steel out, it was time for the new, G-10 backing plates to come in...

9) CD 27 - G-10 Backing Plate Test Fit & Base Layer of 1708

Feb 3, 2024

It was time for a test fit of the new G-10 backing plates, as well as getting the first "tie" layer of 1708 biaxial cloth on the interior hull sides.

8) CD 27 - Preparing the G-10 Fiberglass Plate

Feb 2, 2024

Taking measurements and creating templates while on Doryen (Cape Dory 27) allowed me to prepare the G-10 plate for eventual installation.

7) CD 27 - Prepping Surfaces for Fiberglass

Jan 28, 2024

The next step in the process of replacing the mild steel backing plates was to prep the surfaces for new fiberglass, backing plates, and knees.

6) CD 27 - Removal of the Starboard Side Mild Steel

Jan 15, 2024

Removing the last of the mild steel on Doryen, the Cape Dory 27, would be the starboard webbing and backing plate - a smoother process than that of the port side.

5) CD 27 - Removal of the Port Side Mild Steel Backing Plate

Jan 13, 2024

The port side backing plate would be the first to come out...there were lessons learned that would prove a valuable time saver for the starboard side...

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