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Biscuit Updates

Completion of the Coachroof & Foredeck Sanding (5-18-24)

May 18, 2024

Carrying on the removal of the old paint scheme, I set out to complete the majority of the sanding on Biscuit. A turn to rebuilding could be felt on the winds...

Sanding Foredeck & Coachroof (5-17-24)

May 17, 2024

Reaching completion on sanding the aft deck, cockpit and up to the companionway, I began removal of the old paint scheme on the coachroof and moved forward to the foredeck...

Second Fairing Application to Cockpit Repairs (5-11-24)

May 11, 2024

Other work prevented any significant time on Biscuit, but I did manage to apply a second round of fairing compound to the three primary cockpit repairs...

Cockpit Surface Repair (4-30-24)

Apr 30, 2024

There were three areas in the cockpit that represented more involved repair efforts - not just filling and fairing. These areas, both port and starboard side decks where the winch bases are through-bolted, and the forward portion of the port cockpit seat where a through-hull emptied the bilge water. Having bilge water cascade onto your ankles is not ideal, and after speaking with the owner, it was decided to move this through-hull to the port topsides.

These three repair areas required some grinding, application of a couple layers of 1708oz fiberglass, and then an initial coat of fairing filler. So to that end, I broke out the Makita 1"-wide finger sander and ground tapers into the repair areas - essentially dishing out a gradual taper to accept the two layers of glass. With the tapers ground, I vacuumed and wiped the surface with a solvent. Next, I used a piece of plastic and traced patterns for two layers of 1708 each.

I took the patterns into the shop and cut out the small layers of glass. With the fiberglass ready, I mixed up some epoxy and wet out the surfaces of each repair area. I traced back to the shop and wet out each of the 1708 pairs. I then mixed some filler (406 and 407) into the epoxy and squeegeed a thin filler layer onto each of the repair surfaces, then applied the wet fiberglass. With the remaining thickened epoxy, I applied a first layer of fairing compound. To finish, I applied peel ply to reduce the need for surface decontamination and prep for sanding and further fairing. A quick working session to complete the month, and the cockpit is coming along nicely.

Total Hrs: 2

Hand Sanding Port Side of Cockpit (4-20-24)

Apr 20, 2024

The grueling marathon of hand sanding the fiddly areas of the cockpit came to a conclusion in this work session....more sanding to be done, but a lot of the worst is over!

Hand Sanding Stbd Cockpit

Apr 13, 2024

With the bulk of the open field sanded in the cockpit, it was unfortunately time to break out the precision tools....hands and fingers!

Sanding Cockpit - Port (4-6-24)

Apr 6, 2024

Sanding continues in the cockpit, with a focus on the port side...

2nd Round Fairing - Aft Deck (3-31-24)

Mar 31, 2024

Bringing the aft deck core repair to a fair surface...

Sanding Cockpit - Stbd (3-30-24)

Mar 30, 2024

The inevitable sanding work commences. The time has come to begin removing the existing paint surfaces, and so decided to start with the cockpit: aft deck and starboard side...

Finishing Aft Deck Top Skin

Mar 26, 2024

With a third layer of 1708 biaxial cloth, the top skin was completed on the aft deck. Fairing the area would begin, along with removal of the taff rail for structure work...

Aft Deck New Top Skin

Mar 24, 2024

With the new core in place on the aft deck repair, it was time to apply the new top skin - ultimately 3 layers of 1708 biaxial cloth...

Aft Deck Core Work & Interior Prep (3-16-24)

Mar 16, 2024

Aft deck core replacement, with the likely potential for more of the same (motor mount substrate is suspect); and interior organization and prep for work below...

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