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Biscuit, a 1974 Cape Dory Typhoon

Project Detail:


Mid-October through TBD

Project Scope: Hull and deck paint, structural repairs, brightwork assembly and refinishing, other tbd


Project Hours:  

Aft Deck New Top Skin

Mar 24, 2024

I cleaned up the surface of the freshly laid new balsa core, and started to prep for the installing of the new top skin. My first task was to taper the circumference of the repair area, approximately two inches deep around the edges of the balsa core. With a 40-grit flap disk, I made quick work of the required taper.

After cleaning up the area by vacuuming the surfaces and later solvent washing the area, I applied a sheet of plastic to create the templates for the new 1708 biaxial fiberglass cloth. I decided to begin with two layers of cloth to sneak up on the finished surface, knowing that fairing compound would be required. I used the clear plastic templates to cut of the fiberglass panels, labeling them #1 and #2. I then mixed up a bit of epoxy resin and wet out the work surface, then thickening the epoxy a bit with 406 colloidal silica to fill in some uneven areas created from creases in the peel ply. With the surface ready for the new top skin, I mixed another batch of epoxy to wet out both panels of the 1708 biaxial cloth and then applied them. I finished with a layer of peel ply and tucked Biscuit away for the night.

Total Hrs: 2

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