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Biscuit, a 1974 Cape Dory Typhoon

Project Detail:


Mid-October through TBD

Project Scope: Hull and deck paint, structural repairs, brightwork assembly and refinishing, other tbd


Project Hours:  

Arrival (12-2-23)

Dec 2, 2023

The owner and I coordinated for the delivery of Biscuit for the 2nd of December, and by mid-morning the owner was placing his CD Typhoon under the pole barn. It's a relatively quick drive from Central Georgia to Jacksonville, FL, and after a discussion on the scope of work to be performed on Biscuit, unloading her hatches and brightwork (removed by the owner for maintenance) and securing those items in the shop, the owner was once again on the road. No work would be performed on Biscuit for a few weeks since other tasks were taking priority. The scope work will be, essentially, a thorough examination of the boat's structure and effecting repairs where necessary, topsides and deck paint, as well as interior paint, outfitting new deck hardware as needed, installation of a mast support column, new Sparta deadlights, and other items as needed.

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