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Biscuit, a 1974 Cape Dory Typhoon

Project Detail:


Mid-October through TBD

Project Scope: Hull and deck paint, structural repairs, brightwork assembly and refinishing, other tbd


Project Hours:  

Hand Sanding Port Side of Cockpit (4-20-24)

Apr 20, 2024

Knowing the extent of the discomfort ahead of me, I thought less and resolved to action more! There's no getting around this work, as the various tight radii of the cockpit demand fine tuning with hands and fingers. I grabbed the boxes of 60 and 80-grit pads, the vac., a couple bottles of water, and then got to work on the port side of the cockpit. I delved into the gutters, where the seat meets the cockpit sole, and where the seat meets the combing board surface, and worked my way forward to the companionway.
As I approached the forward portion of the cockpit sole, I removed the port side cockpit scupper drain screen - a heavy cast bronze piece, with a concave surface. At this point both stbd and port screens were removed, with sanding required. I did not want to sand this area with applying a surface prep and dewaxer to remove any bedding compound, like silicon. I wiped the surfaces thoroughly and then got to the sanding work. After a while, I moved up to complete the inboard companionway surfaces, and stopped after completing this area. This seemed an appropriate stopping point, and will pick up next time from the companionway going forward.
I then removed the through-hull on the vertical surface of the port side cockpit seating. This through-hull was the outlet for the bilge pump, and at the owner's request will be removed, filled and faired, and then relocated to the port side hull and will be emptied overboard. In the next work session, this area will be glassed in, as well as other various imperfections around the cockpit.

The last order of business for the day was to remove the port side cockpit drain line for eventual removal of the seacocks. The seacocks will be replaced with proper sea-going seacocks with flange bases.

Total Hrs: 5.25

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