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Stay current on all Milbs Mobile Marine field work.

Project Detail: A Field Blog



Project Scope: This blog will cover the latest work being performed offsite.

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15) CD 27 - Installation of Deck Padeyes (Pt 2)

February 25, 2024

Returning the boat, and with the SitkaFlex adequately cured, I installed the washers and nuts for each one of the deck padeyes - three to starboard and three to port. I applied blue LocTite to help secure the nuts, as well as using nylon locking nuts. The grounding wires were also attached to the padeye machine screw shafts, secured with the nuts. Next, I turned to the ceiling strips. Beginning with the port side, I wiped down the strips with mineral spirits, set aside the fasteners (replacing with silicone bronze fasteners as needed), and set out to reinstall the individual strips of ash. This process was fussy at best, requiring dexterity due to the constrained space, but in the end the ceiling strips were set back into position.
The final job for the day was to prep for the installation of the through-hull fitting that would eventually accommodate the mast wires. The owner of Doryen elected to have the old deck penetrations and generally rough surface have gelcoat applied. I made a quick run to the local chandlery to pick up some gelcoat material. I catalyzed a bit of gelcoat and applied it to the surface - both the area around the mast wire through-hull installation, but also on the transom where the swim ladder was installed - the owner had elected to remove the swim ladder due to the eventual installation of a self-steering wind vane. I had gently opened up the old swim ladder fastener holes, and also tampered their rims a bit, and then applied gelcoat to the individual holes. Nothing more to do than await a cure of the gelcoat, so I knocked off for the day. Completion of the project should yield itself on the next visit.

Total Hrs: 5

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