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Milbs Mobile Projects

Stay current on all Milbs Mobile Marine field work.

Project Detail: A Field Blog



Project Scope: This blog will cover the latest work being performed offsite.

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4) CD 27 - Removing the Port Side Mild Steel Webbing

January 7, 2024

With an oscillating tool and carbide tipped metal blades, I set out to open up the access to the interior of the hull by cutting out the fiberglass liner - roughly 3/16" thick. With a straightedge and a Sharpie marker, I made my cut lines to affect as small an opening while also allowing good access, as well as doing it neatly.

With the liner removed and access gained, I quickly located the mild steel webbing and fiberglass attaching it to the hull laminate. Cutting along this glass, a bit at a time, I was able to fully expose the webbing. With successive cuts of the webbing itself, I was able to eventually separate the webbing from the backing plate and remove it altogether. The backing plate would remain for another day, but prior to departing for the day, I managed to use a small Makita 1" belt sander to smooth out some of the roughed up hull.

Total Hrs: 2.5

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